Anastacia Laux

Anastacia Laux smiles with Dr. Ayers at the front of his classroom.

Teacher Appreciation: Dr. Ayers Challenges Students in a Fun Way Like No One Else

I’ve always enjoyed English class, but having US Lit Honors with Dr. Ayers has taken the subject to a whole new level. Dr. Ayers has a unique teaching style I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. From the first day, Dr. Ayers’ class has always felt like more of a university class to me rather than one of high school.

There is a unique style to Dr. Ayers’ teaching that makes class simultaneously captivating and challenging. Every day, I am in an environment where students are encouraged to speak out and think outside the box. Dr. Ayers teaches us to be critical analysts as well as literary philosophers, on a level I have never experienced before. Despite the difficulty of the material we study in class, he has always maintained confidence that his students are capable of stepping up to the level.

But Dr. Ayers has been more than a mentor who has encouraged me to delve deeper into concepts. His classes have been some of the most enlightening, fun classes I’ve ever taken. I have never had to stress about tests because they are not necessary in his class; learning is just as effective through our daily book conversations. I always look forward to Dr. Ayers’ class because it feels more like a book club than a high school class. His easy-going, humorous personality carries on class discussions and makes it easy for even shyer students to join in. 

So a big thank you, Dr. Ayers, for encouraging me to push myself and for making me eager to learn. I’m so glad I was a part of your class. I was hesitant to sign up for US Lit Honors, but I won’t ever look back. Anyone who has Dr. Ayers as a teacher is a lucky student.

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