Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Sherman

Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Sherman

Nancy Sherman, our precalculus honors teacher, is one of the most helpful, understanding, and dedicated teachers we have ever had. Ms. Sherman is a tireless worker inside and outside the classroom, always being incredibly committed to helping students and answering questions. She hasn’t missed class once (apart from her knee surgery, which she smartly scheduled during winter break to miss the least amount of class possible), and she is always at school early, answering questions and bantering with her colleagues. 

Ms. Sherman always starts class out in a cheerful mood, even if it is early in the morning. She is very connected with her students and will engage in conversations with us about our own lives, as well as sharing things about her own life. It’s abundantly clear that Ms. Sherman takes great pleasure in teaching and talking with us, which makes something as seemingly dull as trigonometric ratios surprisingly tolerable. 

One time in class, Ms. Sherman’s computer and her smartboard were acting up. The calibration was delayed, the slides weren’t working, and eventually the Smartboard just disconnected. Normally a very frustrating experience for a teacher whose teaching plan is solely done using this technology, many teachers would understandably become quite frustrated and be unable to continue the lesson. But not Ms. Sherman, who jubilantly proclaimed that we would be continuing the lesson on the whiteboard (and coincidentally this was one of the most enjoyable lessons I’ve ever had in a math class). 

We are very grateful to have a teacher like Ms. Sherman. She never fails to get a laugh or a smile out of us, whether it be from the jokes she puts in the entrance of her class every day or just her generally unwavering enthusiasm for all aspects of her job. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of her class, and we wish her all the best for the future!

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