Eviann Smith, Mrs.Staak, and Ava Brewer pose for a picture for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Staak

If I were asked, in a hypothetical interview, about my high school experience, an obvious mention would be my beloved English teacher, Mrs. Staak. I’ve always categorized myself into the English/History persona rather than the Math/Science persona, and Mrs. Staak has not only proven my thinking yet again, but she passes the criteria with flying colors. 

I first met Mrs. Staak in the 7th grade during the production of The Wild Wild Wildest West, the South East Junior High musical. Mrs. Staak was the choreographer of the musical, a shared common interest among us: dancing. The list goes on: tennis, show choir, and Gilmore Girls are just a few examples of our shared interests. I’m always looking forward to stopping into class a few minutes earlier to just have a genuine conversation, if it’s about classes or even just sharing the latest news of my tennis season.   

Not only does Mrs. Staak relate to me on a personal level, but she takes into consideration my thoughts on the academic level. Mrs. Staak has always made it clear that my opinions and thoughts are valued in our everyday class discussions. I’ve been answering attendance questions since middle school, but there is something about Mrs. Staak’s creative conversation starters that just get to me. Who knew the amount of conversations that could spark from “What’s your favorite cookie?”.

I know it may be cliche, but Mrs. Staak is truly the loveliest, most kind-hearted, and down-to-earth human being. I’ve created such a strong bond with her and I don’t think I’m quite ready to leave her class next year. 

If you’d like to see this dynamic duo in action, check out Nacho Cup, Mrs. Staak and I are ready to dominate this upcoming tennis tournament.

By Eviann Smith


Mrs. Staak is extremely understanding. In second trimester I missed a ton of school for various reasons and it was just a generally tough time for me. Mrs. Staak was nothing but caring towards me and she wanted me to get the grade I wanted. Even when I came to her on the very last day of the trimester, her teacher workday, she still made time to meet with me and help me. 

Not only did she care about my grade, she cared about me as a person. I feel as though I can talk to Mrs. Staak about anything and she will always offer up the best advice. She has so much compassion for all of her students. Her classroom is so welcoming and I love going to her class every day because I can always count on Mrs. Staak’s smiling face to brighten my day. 

I love her daily attendance questions, which are just another example of how she gets to know each of her students on a personal level and it makes everyone feel like they have a voice in the classroom. It has developed such a beautiful community in her classroom, that makes her class that much more enjoyable. I have not always loved my English classes, but I have regrown my love for English from having Mrs. Staak this year, and I know I will be making plenty of stops by her classroom next year! Forever thankful for Ms. Staak, her wonderful personality, and her beautiful presence in my life!

By Ava Brewer

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