Abigail Sigafoose

Not many high school students play with the same things they used as preschoolers. For Abigail Sigafoose ‘26, however, music has continued to be an essential part of her life almost since birth. Her love for music started at a very young age when she started taking violin lessons as a five-year-old.

“I went to Preucil Preschool and my music teacher was also a violin and viola teacher,” Sigafoose said. “My mom is an organist at a church and she teaches at the University.”

Sigafoose was able to accomplish something that few students do which is getting into All-State as a freshman. Orchestra director Megan Stucky-Swanson says that the success that Sigafoose has had can all be credited to her high work ethic.

“I know that I can count on her in a practice room before school, or during advisory, or whenever she can find time,” Stucky-Swanson said. “She really works hard on her instrument for both orchestra and for her private lessons.”

Currently, Sigafoose is a part of the orchestra, choir, and show choir. The expansions that she has already made to her musical toolkit represent how she likes to know that there is always room to grow and get better, and she says that she is constantly striving to be her best possible self.

“I always like learning and so learning how to become a better musician and how to do new things is really exciting for me,” Sigafoose said. “I definitely want to keep playing music throughout my life when I go to college, and I really want to audition for All-State again.”

Stucky-Swanson emphasized the difficulty of breaking into the All-State stage as a freshman but says Sigafoose really earned her spot this year.

I think she went in there with realistic expectations, so she was really pleasantly surprised when she was selected,” Stucky-Swanson said. “She worked really hard and that’s the payout for that.”

One of the most intimidating parts of playing in higher-level groups is being surrounded by all of the upperclassmen, but Sigafoose recognizes that in a few short years, she will be in the same shoes they are in now.

“It’s definitely a little scary sometimes, but it shows me what I can keep working towards someday if I continue with music,” Sigafoose said.

Despite much outside pressure that those in a similar position might face, Sigafoose is still motivated to keep playing because of the special feeling that playing gives her.

“I think my favorite part of making music is sharing it with other people and playing music with other people because when all the different parts come together it turns into a whole new piece it’s just really cool,” Sigafoose said.


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