The cast of Mamma Mia will be performing the show starting Friday, April 21st.

The Cast of Mamma Mia

Ethan Hill
Whit Jury
Sara Brenneman
Mary Cate

Comet Gordon

Comet is a freshman and is thrilled to be a part of Mamma Mia! They participated in City High's fall play Peter and the Starcatcher as Mack. Comet would like to thank their family, friends, and crew because none of this would be possible without you all....

Elliot Manjoine
Mara Maas
Avery Provorse
Esmé Hutchinson-Reuss

Will Dickson

Will is a senior, and he is enthusiastic to be Eddie in the musical this year. Will has never sung, acted, or danced until now--this is his first year of being in theater and choir. Will would like to thank his friends for encouraging him to go out for choir and the musical! 

Ryan Brentner

Jared Moninger

Jared is a senior who is performing in a theater production for the fifth and final time at City High. Most recently, he was the Assistant Director for Peter and the Starcatcher.  He also performed as Galahad's mother/Herbert's father in Spamalot and Will Bloom in Big Fish. He is co-founder of SMAC, City's student-led theater club and is also involved in choir, show choir, band, and speech.  Jared will be attending S...

Eleanor Decker

Eleanor is a sophomore and is so excited to be in her first CHS musical! She would like to thank her friends and family for their support, the cast and crew for making this great show possible, and for whomever is in charge of all the food that is  backstage.

Nat Flack

Nat is a sophomore and is ecstatic to start working on her third City High production and second production as crew head! She’d like to thank the people that have been a part of her crew for making her time as head lovable and to thank her 4th Ave family for bringing out the best in her.

Audrey Sexton

Audrey is a junior. This is her first musical. She is very excited. She would like to thank her family and her best-friend who encouraged her to try out for the musical.  It is one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Grace Kirschling

Grace is a junior this year, and she is super excited to partake in her first musical! Even though she has not been in a musical before, she participates in show choir and track and field! Grace would like to thank her family, friends, and her grandfather for helping her find her love for music.

Evelyn Powers

Evelyn is a junior, and Mama Mia! is her first musical. She is really excited because she loves Mamma Mia!

Sophia Van Daele

Sophia is a senior and is really excited for her first theater production! She’s always wanted to try acting and is grateful for the opportunity. She wants to give a shout out to all her family that could come!

Rowyn Maas

Rowyn, a ninth grader, was in the fall play, sot this is her second production ever. She was very excited to be a part of Mama Mia! and enjoys her other activities, including violin, show choir, and various clubs.

Grace Schuessler

Grace is a junior and is gruntled to be an ASM again. She's worked on many previous productions at both City High and Southeast including Noises Off and Peter and the Starcatcher. Grace would like to thank her friends, family, pets and to encourage anyone to try out drama!...

Evan Raefield

Evan is a senior, and Mamma Mia! marks his fourth show at City High. A committed techie, he has long toiled behind the scenes to bring productions to the stage, and he is particularly looking forward to seeing this show come to fruition. He’d like to thank the cast and crew for their work, and any and all friends and family in the audience!

Elli Hagedorn
Sam Glass

Julia Shannon

Julia is a freshman at City High and participates  in show choir, select treble ensemble, and regular treble choir in addition to Mamma Mia! She is super excited to be a part of Mamma Mia! She would like to thank her family, friends and teachers! ...

Anora Klauke

Anora is a sophomore at City High and can't wait to see the results of Mamma Mia! She's worked on each show so far during the first half of her high school career, including being Paint Lead for Peter and the Starcatcher in the fall. Anora wants to thank Rich for all the times he indulged in her ideas and wants to remind all her friends in the cast to smile brightly. Enjoy!...

Naomi Hemley
Erin Partridge
Greta Stanier
Anna Mattson

Abigail Sigafoose

Abigail is ecstatic to be in this production of Mamma Mia! She’s very involved in the City High music department, participating in choir, show choir, and orchestra. She’d like to thank her parents for always encouraging her to try her best, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Lulu Roarick
Esmé Hutchinson-Reuss
Holly Rood
Norah Mettemeyer

Ian DeLeeuw

 Ian is a junior who is new to City High this year. He is involved in show choir, choir, soccer and Mamma Mia!. He would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him in all he does.

Wendy Buchanan

Clara Meehan

Clara is a freshman and plans to attend City High for the next three years if the weather permits. She is very excited to be in her first City High musical after being on crew for the fall play. Outside of theater, Clara participates in show choir, orchestra, choir, and tennis. She would like to thank her sisters and cousins for the countless family productions that have prepared her for this show...

Jay Murphy

 At long last, the Covid boom has subsided, and Jay makes his return back to the stage in Mamma Mia! Euphoric would be an underwhelming description of the joy he feels as a multi-year musician during his senior show. While having to unfortunately step away from City High's Matilda in 2021, Jay maintained and nurtured his love for theater. Whether it's making a positive impact, or making more mistakes th...

Brady Gluba
Eviann Smith

Lily Lumb

Lily is a sophomore at City High and is excited to be in her second City High musical. Lily would like to thank the rest of the cast and crew for an amazing experience and a great musical!

Madison Schuchert

Zaylex Ballantyne

Zaylex is a sophomore at City High. He has been in Monty Python's Spamalot (Ensemble), Sherlock Holmes and the First Baker Street Irregulars (George) and Wings (Fowler). Zaylex is glad you could make it to see the show and hope you have a wonderful time!...

Ava Cross

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