Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Sotillo

From a young age I always knew I would want to do something in the English category. I would constantly be writing a new story and eagerly showing it to my friends and family, but I would never be a big fan of reading books. I had never found a book that I really liked that got me interested in it. When in Mrs. Sotillo’s class I still get various opportunities to write and be creative, but she also challenged me to read more books. At the start of the school year she “book talked” a book that I found very interesting. After class I asked her if I could read that book as my independent reading book. Although there was none left in the library I found it on my kindle at home and immediately got sucked into the book. After every chapter of the book I was always excited to talk to Ms. Sotillo about what was happening in the book. Later in the year we had a different independent reading assignment and I asked Mrs. Sotillo to give me a book at random. Of course it was one of the best books that I have ever read. For this particular assignment we got to have a sort of “book club” with four or five of my friends in the class. At the end of the book we got to make a poster about the book and overall I found this project very entertaining. During the school year I would miss lot’s of school for athletics because I am a three sport athlete. Mrs. Sotillo would always let me know what I needed to do to stay caught up and not fall behind. Through the entire school year Mrs. Sotillo has always been incredibly kind and caring for every student she has.

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