Mr Schumann Brings the Energy to AP World

Dreading AP classes is something that has always come naturally to me. Walking into the AP world room, my mood immediately changes. Mr. Schumann makes an otherwise plain classroom filled with bright energy. Everyday while walking into his class, music is playing. A different type of music everyday, played from every part of the world, introducing students to different types of music and setting a fun mood for the rest of class.

AP classes are certainly more difficult than your average class, but are equally boring, but somehow, Mr. Schumann always makes the content he teaches interesting, fun, and easy to learn. He always makes an effort to help his students on tests, assignments, and learning in general.

From the moment we took the first test in AP World, he stressed the importance of taking it with integrity. He cares deeply about his values and his students, and his obvious care makes the students take it seriously too, adopting his values.

Even when the AP World test is coming up, he helps his students review in an informational and something to enjoy. He takes input from students to make his class better and he’s always working to improve his class. He is one of the funniest and sincerely kind teachers I’ve ever had and he’s someone everyone can look up to. His liveliness makes anyone around him feel the same way and his enthusiasm in teaching is something I’m especially grateful for.

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