Jake Leohr continues his football career at South Dakota University

Jake Leohr '14, signed for a scholarship to continue playing football at the University of South Dakota.


Marco Barenghi, Staff writer

By Marco Barenghi

Ever since he was a little boy, Jake Leohr ‘14, has dreamed of playing college football.  On February 6th, he became one step closer to his dream, by signing to play Division I football at the University of South Dakota.


“It felt great when my recruiting coach from South Dakota called and offered me a scholarship,” Leohr said.

Recruiters for the University of South Dakota followed and contacted Leohr during last summer and throughout this past season before offering him a scholarship to play for them next fall.  This summer he’ll be leaving to spend four years receiving his education and playing football at the highest level in the nation.

“It’s great that I have this opportunity,” Leohr said. “It was my goal to receive an athletic scholarship and I was very excited and happy that I accomplished one of my goals. Receiving a Division I athletic scholarship was one of my athletic goals that I wanted to achieve.”

                 Leohr stands at 6’3” and 220 pounds and was a key player for the 8-3 City High Varsity football team last season. When he injured his shoulder during the end of the season the team suffered his loss especially in the play-offs.

“I’m getting better and I’m back to shape, so I can play basketball too,” Leohr said.

Leohr was a versatile player for the Little Hawks where he played mostly defensive end and tight end, but he also played some quarterback, fullback, punter, running back and linebacker.

He was selected team captain during last season. He was also first team All Mississippi Valley Conference punter and defence.

“I can do everything to help my team and make it win. I’m always available if the coach needs me,” he said.

The City High head coach Dan Sabers had Leohr play all of these positions because of his athletic ability and his open-mindedness to learn new position.

“We used Jake a lot last season in a lot of positions. That’s what you do when you have a really good player in your team,” Sabers said.

College football is very competitive. There are lot of talented players and everyone has to get better and stronger, but  Sabers has great expectations for Leohr and his career.

“There’s no question about it, this experience is going to challenge him a lot. No matter where you go, college football is always competitive. But Jake has a big opportunity to do well,” Sabers said.

Jake’s dream is becoming true. He’s going to play at a high level of football, he has the opportunity to grow as a person and a player and possibly reach the next level.

“He had a good experience here and I know he can do well during college,” Sabers said. “Is he is going reach the next level?  I don’t know. But I do know he’s going to be successful in whatever he takes.”