The Little Hawks Splash A Dozen Goals on Waterloo East

Omar Shaban comes out of the goalie position to lead City with five goals.

Team huddles before the game.

Marco Barenghi, Reporter

By Marco Barenghi
Photos By Cora Bern-Klug


Under heavy rain and in cold temperatures, the Little Hawks defeated Waterloo East 12-0.

Omar Shaban ‘14 scored five goals, Mitchel McCarthy ‘16 scored three goals, Joe Pugh ‘14 scored twice. Also Marco Barenghi ‘14 and John Havugaiurema ‘15 scored a goal.

 “It was really nice to see some players who don’t play a lot, playing for the entire game or for a big part of it. It was good for fitness and get some experience”, Anton Buri ‘15 said.

 Players who usually don’t play much were starters, or they played the second part of game. They proved their abilities and had fun playing under the rain (which is always nice on a turf field).

 “It was good to get the starting players some rest. We have been pushing hard in practice and this is a good to us and rest up and prepare for tomorrow’s game against Dubuque Seniors,” Anton Buri ‘15 said.

May 1st the Little Hawks play Dubuque Senior at 4.15, again on the home field.