Little Hawks Prepare For The 2014-2015 Season Kickoff Game

Following a 13-14 loss last year, the Little Hawks anticipate the 2014-15 season opener.

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Little Hawks Prepare For The 2014-2015 Season Kickoff Game

Dominic Balestrieri-Fox, Sports Editor

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vs. Cedar Falls (0-0)

When: 7:15 PM

Where: Frank Bates Field

The Rundown: The Little Hawks prepare to face off once more against Cedar Falls for the 2014-15 season opener on home turf, following a narrow loss in the 2013-14 premier game.

Cedar Falls defeated City High last year, 14 -13. As a season opener against Cedar Falls is not common, the Little Hawks are looking to capitalize on their training in the offseason and bounce back.

City High head football coach Dan Sabers is optimistic about the match-up.

“As always, it’s exciting to start another City High football season,” he said.

The Cedar Falls team has changed since their last game against City. Long time head coach Pat Mitchell retired after 47 years, leaving his position to Brad Remmert, a Cedar Falls coach of 19 years, eight of which have been spent as co-head coach with Mitchell.

“We’ve got tremendous respect for their coaching staff, and they’re a tremendous program, they’ve done a lot of great things,” Sabers said.

New coaching arrangements bring new possibilities to the ballgame.

“There’s a little uncertainty as to what we’ll see for sure, they may change some things up, that’ll be part of the intrigue to the game,” he said.

One aspect of Cedar Falls’s team that hasn’t changed is an aggressive defense, with two returning-varsity interior linebackers and a returning defensive end. A four man defensive line is expected, as are active blitzing linebackers and stunting lineman.

“You’re obviously concerned when you’ve got returning players because they’ve been through the battle,” Sabers said.

Offensively, Cedar Falls has generally proven to be a power-run football team, according to Sabers.

“They’ll mix in the play action pass real well, they play solid, fundamental football, nothing super flashy,” he said.

DeJuan McKenny ‘15 and Eric McDonald ‘15 are captains for City High during the 2014-15 season. Also announced as captains for tonight’s game are (Kimber) and (Chuck Riley).

Bryson Runge ‘15, one of the premier sprinters in the state, will be playing tailback for City High this season. A heated quarterback battle between Nate Wieland ‘17 and Nile Ringen ‘16 leaves uncertainty.

“That’s a gametime decision, we keep evaluating because it’s such an important position,” Sabers said.

Sabers is confident that the Little Hawks are ready, but finds inexperience to be his major concern.

“We’re going to have to battle big time,” he stated.