Best Buddies Gives Thanks


Attendees are served food; Best Buddies contributed two 30 pound turkeys, gravy, and mashed potatoes, while the rest was a potluck among the classes.

Olivia Parrott, Copy Editor

The Best Buddies chapter at City high hosted their seventh annual Thanksgiving party last night, in the City High cafeteria. However, this is only the first time they’ve joined Young Life’s square-dancing event with the party.

“We usually do dancing at the party, so it was a great way to blend the two things together,” Best Buddies coordinator, Tom Braverman, said. “Also, both are nonprofit organizations, and they’re both designed to bring diverse groups of people together.”

Best Buddy Lauren, and Emily Bywater '17 enjoy their thanksgiving dinner.
Best Buddy Lauren, and Emily Bywater ’17 enjoy their thanksgiving dinner.

The Thanksgiving party is the most highly attended party of the year for Best Buddies, as it usually brings in anywhere from 70 to 120 people.

“[I like]the good food, and dancing,” Marissa ‘18 said.
Emily Bywater ‘17 is Marissa’s peer buddy. She believes in the event and its positive impact on Best Buddies.

Erin Patterson leads an original dance.
Erin Patterson leads an original dance.

“This is important to Best Buddies because we all get to interact together and grow our relationships.”
The Thanksgiving party helped to bring students of varying backgrounds together, all for the common goal of letting the buddies experience high school as any other student would. Best Buddies is thankful to all who strive for this.

“Part of thanksgiving is to give thanks, and so this [party] is a way for us to thank our members and peer buddies,” Braverman said.