Spread the Holiday Cheer

Donate books through Barnes and Noble to the University of Iowa Hospital.

Arielle Soemadi, Reporter

Barnes and Noble is hosting their annual book drive. The way this works is there are a stack of bookmarks on the ‘Holiday Book Drive’ display. On each bookmark is a child’s name and age. You are then able to shop throughout the store to find a book for the child you picked and purchase it for them. The child’s real name is not on the bookmarks in order to not violate the hippocratic oath.

“This is the 12th year that we have done this and for the past five years, these books have been going to The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.” said Annie Wilcox, “Last year, we raised about 2500 books for kids at the childrens hospital  at this Barnes and Noble (Coralridge Mall) and we are shooting for 3000 this year.”

“We wheel carts out with the books on them and the kids get to pick what book they would like.” said Wilcox, “The children really love the books and are so happy when they get them. Even if they leave the hospital, they are to take the books home, it’s their book. That gets them even more excited to receive this generous gift.”

If you have extra cash and want to give a special gift to a child who would truly appreciate it, this is a great way to achieve that. Spread the holiday cheer and donate a book to a child at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

“When you see those childrens’ face when they get their book,” says Wilcox, “They just light up. Donating a book makes such a huge impact on that child’s life.”