Keeping Warm and Keeping Cute

More than just boots and sweaters this season.

Arielle Soemadi, Reportert

The classic “boots and a sweater” combo is always popular come winter. While it’s cute, it can get a little boring. Lauren O’Brien ‘16 shows us how she likes to dress this time of year, featuring some downtown purchases and a lot from online.

“I shop mostly online now,” O’Brien said. “It’s much more convenient and there is a lot more variety of store and clothing options.”

O’Brien dresses to stay both warm and stylish all winter long.

“You can always tie an outfit together with an accessory,” said O’Brien. “In the winter, I like to use scarves. I prefer knit scarves because they keep you so much warmer.”

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 Winter FashionTotal cost of dressy outfit: $180


Winter FashionTotal cost of casual outfit: $185