Little Hawks Fall (113-56) to West High

City’s small size and need for technical improvement gave West the edge.


Sam Bloom, Sports Reporter

With a loss of 113-56 against West High, last year’s state champs, the team looks to improve and stay confident for their upcoming meets.

“We all did very well, most of us set [personal records], everyone had fun” said Sam Nahlor 18’.

Being a fairly small team making it harder to win at meets, especially when the opposing team has double the swimmers.

Abe Eyman-Casey 18’ and Andrew Parr 16’ each placed 2nd, Eyman-Casey in the 100 yd back with a time of 55:15 and Parr in the 100 yd breaststroke with a time of 1:07.10.

Parr believes that the team performed well, despite the loss.

“I think a lot of people went best times, and I think that West was a really good opponent for us” said Parr.

Some areas in need of improvement for the team allowed West to get the competitive edge.

“People can improve on their turns, and their breathing, also we need to work on starts” said Nahlor.

The swimmers’ next meet takes place January 20th at Mercer Aquatic Center against CR Jefferson.