Large Group Speech advances to state

Sofie Lie

Last weekend, the following speech groups earned a division 1 ranking and advanced to state which will be held on February 7th.

10/14 groups advancing to state:

Ensemble Acting – Death Knocks: Tristan Roeder and Donald Hill

Choral Reading – Perseus: AJ Boulund, Cassidy Slater-Scott, Claire Woodward, Ellis Fontana, Emma Hartwig, Grace Hartwig, Hannah Murray, Jonas Geerdes, Julieta Rangel, Kaila Khanthaphengxay, Keaton Scandrett, Lizzie Carrell, Savannah Haneline, Sofie Lie, and Yara Moustafa

Ensemble Acting – Nine Ten: AJ Boulund, Cassidy Slater-Scott, Jonas Geerdes, Keegan O’Berry, Madeline Deninger, and Michelle Jennings

Group Improv: Abby Dickson, Nysio Poulakos, and Deckard Finley

Radio Broadcast – JUST: Aldo Carbajal, Davey Aranda, DeVari Young, Josh Edwards, Otis Dawson, Robert Walker, and Sofia Oyarzun

Ensemble Acting – The Scary Question: Jared Kilberger and Genevieve Wisdom

Musical Theatre – Into the Woods: Addie Bass, Emma Meyers-Verhage, Genevieve Wisdom, Nysio Poulakos

Group Improv: Jared Kilberger and Sophia Schlesinger

Readers’ Theatre – The Crucible: Rebekah Tate, Jim Geerdes, Jordan Lehigh, Tristan Roeder, Abby Patterson, Yara
Moustafa, Olivia Zahner, Jilly Cooke, Sasha Chapnick-Sorokin, Ellen Fields, and Estie Dillard

Group Improv: Will Barker, Addie Bass, and Ellis Fontana