Dating Trends at City High

76% students at City High according to a recent Little Hawk survey are not in a relationship

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.32.04 AMWhen you’re alone on Valentine’s Day it can feel like everyone is in a relationship. However, only 22 percent of City High students surveyed are in a relationship.

“Most of my friends do not have boyfriends,” Sarah Honson ‘16 said. “Most of my friends don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other.”

Honson also shared her thoughts on high school dating in general.

“[High school romance is overrated], because you’re probably going to break up, so what’s the point? I know of one couple who made it past high school.”

Donald Hill ‘17 gave his own thoughts on high school romance.

“Obviously everyone does it, or almost everyone. It’s not as if [dating in high school] is a rare thing! Relationships range from completely pointless to completely scary.”

Gabi Hiatt’s ‘17 perspective differs. While she is in a relationship, she says she does not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I feel like Valentine’s Day is too commercialized, and if you want to spend time with someone, it doesn’t have to be on a certain day,” she said. “You can be with them any day.”

Honson and Hill share Hiatt’s opinion.

“My least favorite part about valentines day is all the sappiness that surrounds it,” Honson said.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.32.56 AM

“People always market stuff on Valentine’s Day, but in reality, it’s candy day part two, or part one depending on how you measure your year,” Hill said.

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is a couple’s holiday, students say there are some benefits to being single too.

“I feel like it  [Valentine’s Day] is  the couples making the single people sad, but being single is sometimes a good thing,” Hiatt said.