Senority Report: Colton Chalupa

For the 2014-2015 wrestling season, Chalupa competes as the only senior to wrestle varsity this season on City High’s boys wrestling team.

Brady Vanlo, Sports Reporter

While “The School That Leads” is just a motto to most of us, Colton Chalupa embraces it every time he steps on to the mat. For the 2014-2015 wrestling season, Chalupa competes as the only senior to wrestle varsity this season on City High’s boys wrestling team.

Since the 2011-2012 season, Chalupa has been wrestling as a Little Hawk. He began his wrestling career in the 5th grade at the suggestion of his parents, and has competed in the sport ever since.

“Since I began wrestling at City High, it has improved me a lot,” says Chalupa, “the coaching staff along with our new coach, Cory Connell, have been great influences to my career and they’re everything you need out of coaches,”

Incidentally, before the season of Chalupa’s junior year, he suffered from a torn ligament in his right thumb that kept him from wrestling half the season. This led him to not qualify for state that year. However, even with an injury, Chalupa continued to train with the team as well as attend all practices and meets. He was determined to come back and qualify for state his senior year.

“I’ve made mistakes in the past before that have lost me the match, but when I got injured, I didn’t let that stop me from working hard,” said Chalupa, “I did what I do regularly and just gave it my all to get back on my feet,”

This season, Chalupa has proven himself once again to be a strong wrestler and has a chance of possibly qualifying for state in his last year as a Little Hawk. Wrestling at a weight of 138 lbs, Chalupa has a record of 17 wins and 16 losses and has a total of 94 match points with only 87 points given up as of 2/5/15.

Chalupa attributes his success over the past seven years to hard work and perseverance.

“The coaches have been teaching me for years now that giving up in wrestling is never the answer,” Chalupa says, “I give it 100% every match, and it pays off in the long run,”

Through his wrestling and hard work, Chalupa continues to show leadership to his younger teammates, while also being highly respected by his coaches.

“Chalupa is one of the only wrestlers on the team with experience at a state tournament, so he definitely knows what he’s doing,” says upcoming freshman and 2014 state champion, Jacob Dykes ‘18, “He motivates all of us and we all want him to leave City High with a memory of a great season as well as a great team,”.

The motivation and leadership from Chalupa, as well has his teammates, Nic Jarvis ‘16 and Ali Omar ‘16, have proven to be a huge impact on the the upcoming freshman wrestlers who have bright futures ahead of them at City High such as Dykes, Joey Harney, and Lance Bormann. As one result of the team chemistry, both varsity and junior varsity teams have more wins this year than they have ever had for the past two years.

Head coach, Cory Connell, believes that Chalupa is one of the best wrestlers on and off the mat.

“Out of my three years of coaching here at City High, Chalupa has more experience than a lot of the other wrestlers, and he has the right mindset.” said Connell, “He gives it 100% every match and he also encourages and motivates the wrestlers below him,”

Although with Chalupa’s success at City High and on the mat, Chalupa is still planning for the future ahead of him.

“As of now, I want to focus on school, but I’m also looking into joining the military or the law enforcement,” said Chalupa, “but if the opportunity comes around for me to wrestle in college, then I’m definitely going to take it,”