2015 MLS Soccer Preview

MLS soccer sets to bring Sunday soccer and big name players in 2015


Nasim Salih and Will Barker

Real Premier League style soccer has finally made its way into the US and its on the weekends!

MLS weekend is what they are starting to call it. Most soccer leagues around the world have their games on the weekends. The MLS however, have been playing weekday games up until this year.

“MLS weekend” is Major League Soccer’s attempt at making the American game more European. The reason for this newfound need for change originates from the lack of quality in the MLS.

In addition to switching kick off times to the weekend, the MLS continues to schedule its season mainly in the summer with the fact in mind that many american soccer fans follow european leagues which run from august to may. There will still be a few months of crossover between MLS and european leagues but the time difference means that MLS game times will almost never be in conflict with those of other leagues.

Viewers will also see two of the Premier League’s greatest midfielders of all time make their MLS debuts. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard will join the Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the premier league season. New York City F.C. another brand new team will gain the amazing Frank Lampard, a long time Chelsea player back from his loan to Manchester City. While both Lampard and Gerrard are in the last years of their careers, their arrivals in no way brand the MLS a “retirement league” as both players have shown their continued ability to play at the highest level in the Premier League this past season.

New clubs have formed this season with promise of quality European players. One of those clubs is Orlando City SC, whose star player won the FIFA Ballon D’or in 2007 which is the most coveted individual award in soccer. Thats a big deal for American soccer. Although the former Ballon D’or winner is in the home stretch of his career, his appearance in the MLS will definitely spark interest in hardcore soccer fans around the planet. This attention could help the MLS attract young talent, which could propel the MLS in the conversation of the best soccer leagues in the world.

Watch the preview here.