Regina Gets Shut Out – City Wins Scrimmage (5-0)

City wins its first (unofficial) game of the year with strong performances by defensive and offensive players alike.


Dominic Balestrieri-Fox and Yassine Filali

What started out as a fairly even game turned nasty for the Regals towards the end of the second half.

In fact, the early game even seemed to be in the Regals’ favor, as the blue-and-white offense put pressure on City’s back three to keep things under control on the cold and windy afternoon.

Captain Scott Tribbey’s comments about City’s strong defense rang true, however, as he, Rasmus Schlutter ’17, and Adam Nicholson ’15 worked to push the ball into enemy territory, and to keep the pressure off of keeper Daniel Goldenstein ’15 – both of which they did.

City began its first attempts on goal, driving the ball along the right side of the pitch with passes between Schlutter and Jonah Dancer ’18. Victor Brown-Rodriguez ’16 tried with a header, but the ball flew high. The Little Hawks continued possession, thanks to some aggressive play by City’s midfielders.

Gaby Baloci ’16 came close to goal twice with the help of Peter Larsen ’15, and Dancer, but it was Innocent Mugabo ’16 who scored first for the Little Hawks. At the end of the half, City led (1-0).

Play resumed, and it looked like Regina had found some footing to strike back, as the ball saw both extremes of the pitch three minutes into the half. Baloci scored shortly after, and the barrage on Regina’s goalie began.

In the middle of it all, Brown-Rodriguez hit the turf and was escorted off the field with an ankle injury. The Little Hawks’ momentum did not slow, however, as John Havugarurema ’16 scored with an assist from Larsen.

Schlutter got a nice ball from midfield, but Regina’s defense pressured it out. He’d have a second chance however, scoring with range with about seven minutes left on the clock.

City ended the match (5-0) with yet another goal by Mugabo, in what shaped up to be a very favorable, if not frigid season opener for the Little Hawks.