Fourth Redistricting Map Released


Payton Evans, Co-Executive Editor

The Iowa City Community School District has tried yet again to battle the geographic and demographic barriers preventing equality in the future of local high schools. The fourth rendition of redistricting maps were released Wednesday, April 1st at the request of the school board.

Map 4B takes into account geographical boundaries while simultaneously attempting to “(1) balance distribution of low SES, special needs, and ELL learners, and (2) avoid boundaries within 1/2 mile of current and future elementary schools, where feasible,” as described in the summary provided with the map.

Map 4F, similar to previous map 3F, vocalizes the assignment of Van Allen Elementary School to Liberty High School instead of West High School as well as the assignment of Coralville Central Elementary School to West High School instead of Liberty High School.


Accompanying the fourth round of proposed boundaries are charts dictating the coordinating demographic makeup of area elementary, junior high, and high schools. As it stands, Liberty High School is projected to have a significantly smaller population than the other two area high schools. According to an interview with the Iowa City Press-Citizen, chief operating officer David Dude said the most recent proposals pose challenges similar to previous ones in regards to creating a balance between geography and student demographics.

Future construction plans following the opening of the school for the 2017-2018 school year, when the boundary changes will take effect, are expected to eventually equalize the population of Liberty High School with City and West High Schools.

The school board plans to hear opinions of the community at their April 14th meeting and finalize boundary decisions in May.