The End of Del Potro?

Will a wrist injury end the career of the 2009 US Open Champion, Argentina Sportsman of the Year, Olympic Medalist and former world No.4?


Art by Sarah Smith

Sam Bloom, Sports Reporter

After an early out against No.60 Vasek Pospisil in straight sets at the Miami Open last week, I think it is time we look at what Del Potro’s future looks like. Del Potro has experienced an erratic career at best: injury, return, injury, return (sounds like a certain NBA player)

For a tennis player, the wrist is one of their greatest allies, like the arm is to a quarterback. It is what creates spin and speed. In Del Potro’s case he is losing it every once in a while. He will win a tournament, climb high in the rankings, then miss tournaments or withdraw due to injury, lowering him down to obscurity (he is currently No. 616 in the world).

Del Potro has already experienced a rocky start to 2015. He did not participate in the Australian Open, the first grand slam to the year, and had to withdraw from his wildcard in the BNP Paribas Open.

Despite this, I think Del Potro still has maybe four or five years left. But he has to play his cards right; he should not overplay, he needs to rest after tournaments to recuperate. Being constantly on the move will only cause more strain on his wrist, thus injuring him further.

It is unclear when Del Potro will return to the tournament circuit, but when he does he will surely have a lot of support. After all, who doesn’t like a comeback story?