Varsity Boys Tennis Right Around The Corner

Coach Hardesty very confident about this season.


Miles Pei, Reporter

Spring weather has finally arrived and the boys’ tennis team is getting prepped for their first of match this week.

Head Coach Chip Hardesty expects a strong year for the team, especially when it comes to competing for the Mississippi Valley Conference title.

“We have a chance to be very good. We, along with Iowa City West, Linn Mar, and Cedar Rapids Washington, should be the best teams in the conference,” Coach Hardesty said.

Last year City High ended with a 7-6 record and Hardesty plans on improving his players more and more to win the the state title.

“I’m concentrating on making small individual adjustments for each player. We have great players who usually do a good job at adjusting to match conditions, which makes my job much easier,” Hardesty said.

Joe Hoff ‘17 also shares the same excitement and views as his coach and predicts a great year for City’s tennis teams.

“I’m feeling like we’ve got a good chance at a winning record this year and we’ll have a much strong season than last year,” Hoff said.

Hoff finished first team in the Mississippi Division of the Mississippi Valley Boys’ Tennis All-Division Selections last year.

“We did good throughout the season but then we came to Districts and had a couple of upsets that didn’t let us go to State. I’m definitely confident that we’ll make it to state this year,” Hoff said.

Hopefully a good season will live up to what Hoff and Hardesty have assured. The team faces off against Prairie at home at 4:00 pm this Thursday, April 9th.