AP Studio Art Pulled from Course Selection


Students in AP Studio Art work on their portfolios.

Sofie Lie, Online News Editor

In the 2015-2016 school year, students will see a change in the course selection — the absence of the sole AP art class offered at City High; AP studio art.  Recently, City High art teacher Michael Close made the decision with help from Vice Principal Scott Jespersen.

“We decided that it was more beneficial for us to have three trimesters of different electives so that we can cater to more students, rather than catering to a select 25 students,” Close said.

While creating more opportunities for trimester art electives, the absence of AP Studio Art is disheartening to some students.  Sophie Gottler ‘17 is currently in the AP art class, and attributes it to her progress.

“My portraits at the beginning of the year have improved a lot,” she said. “I’m really disappointed [that it’s not being offered next year], I wish they could find the funding.”

Despite this change, students will still be able to submit their portfolios to colleges.

“I’m a little sad that we’re not doing AP, however I understand it,” he said.  “I want more students involved in art rather than just a select few.