Student Senate Petitions for the Removal of Chic-fil-A from City High Concessions


Jonas Geerdes

Student Senate has recently released a petition in support of getting rid of Chic-Fil-A  from City High concessions due to the company’s stance on gay rights. The petition reads as:


Chic-Fil-A, led by their chairman, CEO and president Dan Cathy, has communicated an anti-gay and lesbian stance. Cathy has publicly spoken out against gay marriage, and helps  oversee the WinShape Foundation which has provided funds to a variety of anti-gay organizations. Some of these groups have been declared official hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Much of the money given to these organizations has come from profits made by selling food in Chic-fil-A locations around the country. Here at City High we have a strong community of acceptance and tolerance of everyone, and we do not wish to be associated with a company that is associated with homophobia. By buying Chic-fil-A products, we may even be indirectly supporting these hate groups. We urge the Iowa City School Board and City High School to cease selling Chic-fil-A products in City High concession stands.


The petitions can found throughout the school this upcoming week at various locations.