Little Hawk Alum Jon Myers Releases Updated Spectator Web App


Rasmus Schlutter

Spectator co-founders Jon Myers and Mitch Larson visit City High.

Rasmus Schlutter, Reporter

City High alumnus Jon Myers is looking to change the way high school booster clubs interact with students and communities. He and a group of co-founders have recently released the beta for their web app, Spectator.

“Spectator is an online tool for booster clubs, allowing them to streamline the whole process of recruiting and maintaining their members,” Myers said.

Myers and his colleagues originally set out to make an app that allows parents and students to more easily follow high school sports, but their focus changed as they learned more about the many difficulties such groups encounter in areas such as recruitment and outreach.

“We found a lot of issues that booster clubs face and thought that maybe we should address those more directly through making a change in our business model,” Myers explained.

But beyond that, Myers hopes it will simplify overall community involvement.

“The purpose is really to get more people involved in their local booster club,” he said
More information about Spectator can be found at