2015 Football and Volleyball Themes Released


Lucy McGehee and Lydia Kaufmann

The illuminated Frank Bates Field stands will be brimming with City High students, decked out in original, crazy themes ranging from Extreme Red and White to Togas. Behind this years fall sports themes are Emily Edwards ‘16 and Sarah Brown ‘16.

“It’s really about school spirit and getting everyone to participate,” Edwards, creator of this years football themes said. “We’re setting an example for the underclassmen.”

The themes are made by peppy seniors for both home games and away games. Since not everyone is able to attend away games, some will not participate in all of the themes.

“The themes make the game a lot more fun, but not everyone participates and that makes it awkward,” Claire Woodward ‘17 said. “I really wanted to be a part of the flannel one but that’s away and it really makes me mad.”

Brown is the creator of the volleyball themes, and shares the same hope with Edwards that students inability to participate in away games won’t hinder the school spirit.

“We tried to think of themes that would be fun but would also be easy to incorporate everybody into,” Sarah Brown ‘16, creator of the volleyball themes, said. “The main goal for the themes this year was to get the underclassmen involved with the games just as much as the upperclassmen.”