Nate Wieland Injury Update

Nate Wieland ’17 will be out for the remainder of the regular season after injuring his knee on Friday night.


Joseph Cress

Nate Wieland ’17 struggling to hold himself up while being checked on by training staff.

Jonathan House, Sports Editor

Lying on the field, early in the first quarter last Friday, the crowd watched as Nate Wieland was carted off the field. Wieland feared the worst.

“The outside of my knee, I just heard a pop, so I knew something was wrong right away, and then as I was just lying on the field, the feeling in my leg started to go away, so I knew something was really wrong,” Wieland recalls. “I didn’t really think anything about my nerves, I thought ACL [or] MCL. I just thought about a long recovery.”

A MRI on Monday revealed that Wieland has nerve damage, but didn’t do anything to his ACL or MCL. However, City High will be without its starting quarterback for four to six weeks.

With Wieland out, Jared Taylor ‘17 will play quarterback for the Little Hawks. Taylor has seven touchdown passes, and 820 yards passing this season, and already had to relieve Wieland when he injured his non-throwing shoulder earlier this season. Despite his injury, Wieland says he will lead from the sidelines, and help Taylor on what to look for in defensive sessions.
“Injuries definitely aren’t anything fun to have,but just learning from it, becoming stronger from it, and learning how to play without certain players, so when we all come together at the end of the season, I think we’ll be a very good team,” Wieland said.