Biden Decides Against Running for President


Nova Meurice

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Lucy McGehee, Online News Editor

After mounting speculation, Vice President Joe Biden has officially clarified that he will not be running for president in the upcoming election.

Biden has recently been included in public polls regarding favored presidential candidates, and with his new absence, polls determining the favored remaining democratic candidates have the potential of being shaken up or could have a more pronounced leader. Following Biden’s clarification, Hillary Clinton supporters found a sense of relief.

“As a Hillary supporter, it’s nice to see her path to the White House clear up,” said Connor Wooff ‘17, president of J-Hawks for Hillary at Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids, said.

Vice President Biden and his family suffered the loss of their son, Beau Biden, earlier this year due to brain cancer. Biden clarified that the amounting grief and late timing for the start of his campaign are the main reasons for his decision not to run.

“I truly believe he made the correct decision for himself and his family,” Wooff said. “I think he lacks political stamina and it was best for him to step aside.”