27 musicians accepted into All-State Music Festival

Claire Goodfellow and Jim Geerdes

Students from all around the state gathered at various high schools to audition for the All-State Music Festival on Saturday, October 24th. Students start preparing months in advance for a five minute audition in front of a judge who scores and selects which musicians are accepted. This year, out of the students City sent, 27 were accepted into the All-State Band, Choir and Orchestra.

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All-State Ticket Information

“It’s an honor to be chosen for All-State,” says Sonali Durham ’16, “but I feel like the selection process can be unfair.”

The All-State performance will be November 21st, 2015.

For further Information, visit the IHSMA website.

Rita Dang
Mina Takahashi
Kamara Shaw
Rachael Strang
Cassie Birnbaum
Joey Schnoebelen
Eric Green
Wade Carter
Joseph Stoltz

Charles Mascardo – Alternate

Kopelman – Alternate

Molly Liu
Danielle Tang

Nate Danielson – Alternate

Michael Berg
Sasha Chapnick-Sorokin
Sonali Durham
Nathan Kabat
Nova Meurice
James Momberg
Oriana Ross
Esme Rummelhart
Alix Sharp
Roman Villhauer

Emi Bergman-Corbet – Alternate
Claire Goodfellow – Alternate
Elise Heck – Alternate