Students React to Bernie Sanders on ‘Black Lives Matter’

Shanice Johnson, Reporter

Bernie Sanders, a liberal Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections, is known for his thoughts on the societal issues that he wants to change in America.

At the democratic debate on October 13th, one of the highlights was the candidates being asked if black lives matter or if all lives do. Sanders responded by saying black lives matter. For many, he’s been an advocate for informing people about the relationship between the minority and the majority.

It’s a very sensitive topic to address and Sanders is pulling all stops. City High student, Kathy Dix shared her thoughts on the movement.

“Yes all lives matter, but what kind of a life is one where you have to live with a ton of racism?” Dix said.

The other candidates haven’t spoken about the racism occurring in this day and age nearly as much, but Sanders has been talking about it for years since he has been a Senator.  Many, like Dix, believe this will have a positive outcome as Sanders has had a large following throughout his campaign.

“It’s great that he’s talking about it,” Dix said. “Not many people are, and it’s definitely something that needs to be brought up.”