Little Hawk Bowlers Strive To Improve This Season


Natalie Jones

A ball rolls towards the pins during bowling practice at Colonial Lanes

Miles Pei and Lauren Fehr

The City High Bowling teams have started their seasons. The boys team started its season with an 0-2 record and the girls team has started 2-0 record. Coach Andrew Gonner is looking forward to doing things a bit of an unconventional way for this year’s bowling season.

My main goal as coach is to have our team doing things differently from other high school teams,” Gonner said. “We rarely bowl for score during practice, we do a lot of drills, individual work with the players, and spares. Another thing the coaches want the kids to understand is how to work, and how to outwork our opponents everyday.”

A major issue both teams ran into was lack of bowling lane practice time.

“Our time on the lanes are very limited. For this reason, our practices are planned the week before they happen,” Gonner said. “There are high consequences for those who are not willing to give full effort and always being on task. We have created a fast paced, fun, competitive atmosphere in our practices so they feel like our actual competitions,” said Gonner

Last year, the girls team managed to send two individuals to the state conference and ranked themselves in the top 15. Unfortunately, the boys team struggled with a 1-10 record ending the season with a low 2900 pins dropped.

“This season we set goals for both teams. Both strive for continual growth and improve during practice and competition,” Gonner said.

Cameron Chavez ’18 bowled for the first time as a freshman last year and is working on becoming one of City High’s top bowlers.

“We just try not to think about being the best and just bowl like we do in practice,” Chavez said.