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Q&A with Amelia Prybil

As a member of her church choir, Select Women’s Choir, and Concert Choir, Amelia Prybil '17 shares the impact music has made on her.

April 1, 2016

Little Hawk: When and how did you first become interested in singing?

Amelia Prybil: The first time I became interested in singing was in fourth grade. My friend made me sign a contract to say that I would try out for a solo [for our school choir] because I was so uncomfortable singing in front of large groups of people. I got to the concert, and my parents had no idea I had a solo. I started singing and they were like what? She sings? I had never sung in front of anybody before.


LH: What is your favorite part about music and singing?

AP: My favorite part about music and singing is the ability you have to make the music your own. There’s not just one way to sing a song. You can make a song happy, if you want. You can make people feel emotional with a song. Music has the ability to reach people in different times of their lives.


LH: What is your favorite type of music to sing in terms of genre and themes?

AP: I would have to say jazz music. I also really like spiritual music, that is really really fun to sing with large choirs. The sound is so different from traditional choir music.


LH: What are some of your favorite songs you have sung?

AP: “House of the Rising Sun” is hands down my favorite song to sing. “Million Years Ago” by Adele is also good.


LH: Have any musicians had a great impact or influence on your life and/or your music? If so, who?

AP: There’s not really a specific one. I like a combination of many musicians. I like musicians who can make the song their own, those are my favorite.


LH: Who are your all-time favorite musicians?

AP: Adele and Sam Smith. Their voices are amazing. Amy Winehouse is also really really good.


LH: Do you have any plans and hopes for the future with regard to your music and singing?

AP: I would like to sing for anyone who would like me to sing for them.


LH: What would be a dream project of yours?

AP: Being able to sing what I want, when I want, but still being able to perform for people and have the music affect them in some way.


LH: What was one of your favorite musical experiences?

AP: Opus Honors Choir in 7th grade was amazing. It was a group of people who really really wanted to be there singing, and everyone was so good. The big concert hall up at Iowa State was jam full. No seats were empty. It was crazy. It was perfect.

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