Valentine’s Day Gift Dos (For Guys)

Celeste Chadwick, Reporter

Do- Flowers along with something else,  a card or some chocolate. Chocolate is a good gift just make sure it’s good quality. The last thing you want is to be left with the feeling in your mouth like you just ate a crayon. Jewelry can be a lovely gift, maybe a bracelet or necklace. Keep it simple in terms of color; charm bracelets are continuing to trend. Whatever you choose, don’t break the bank.

For the artsy types, you can choose the homemade option. This shows that you took time, that you really care, and sometimes homemade can be better! For example, mason jar gifts are trending on Pinterest, just pick a theme (Starbucks, tea, or chocolate)  and fill the jar with items of that genre. You could also make a photo album, a playlist, a card, or even dinner.

Be creative!