Teacher Appreciation Week: Mrs. Edgerton


Emily Barnes

Mrs. Edgerton was my sixth and eighth grade Language Arts teacher she was and still is one of my favorite teachers. She was the sassiest and funniest lady you could have ever met. She would tell us stories about previous students from over the years and some from her childhood.

The way she worded her stories and spoke about literature is what made me want to start writing. She was this fiery ball of concentrated sass and you wouldn’t even want to be near  if she hadn’t had at least three cups of coffee by the time you had her for class. She was so passionate about teaching (and coffee).

Mrs. Edgerton was not afraid of telling you to shut up, but she only did it in Spanish. She didn’t normally send kids to the office. If she did everyone knew that kid wasn’t coming back; because Mrs. Edgerton only sent kids to the office as a last resort. She used to be music teacher and she helped with the school’s talent show, she loved what she did.

She was a women of faith but she didn’t spout a bunch of religious beliefs at us like others teachers would. She respected your religion and didn’t disrespect you because you were younger she treated us like young adults. I miss the conversations that we had and the debates that we did in her class.

We spoke about the world and how we felt about it and no one’s opinion was laughed at. Even though most students zoned out it pumped me up. I loved speaking and hearing others opinions on my ideas and giving mine about theirs. Mrs. Edgerton helped me get out of my shell and I wish I could go back and thank her.