Wagner and McGehee Win Student Class President Elections

Senior class president and vice president elections were held on Friday, May 13, with Lucia Wagner ’17 being elected class president and Lucy McGehee ’17 being elected class vice president.

“It feels awesome [to be elected],” McGehee said. “I’m really excited to work with Lucy next year. She’s a great person, she had really great ideas, and I’m really excited to capitalize on those.”

McGeehee wants to implement a composting program in the lunch room, as well as starting a dress drive before prom and homecoming to donate used dresses to students who cannot afford the costly garments. McGeehee will be joined by President Lucia Wagner, who wants to create a food and personal supply pantry for underprivileged students to combat student hunger, as well as revamping the current carpooling system and improving traffic flow in the parking lots.

“I’m honored to have been elected by my classmates and I’m really excited to see the progress we can make next year together,” Wagner said.