Two Quarterbacks, Different Styles

Nate Wieland ’17 and Jared Taylor ’17 find new ways to help the team in their last season.


Nate Wieland ’17 (#15) and Jared Taylor ’17 (#16) talk on the sideline during City’s game against Ames on September 9th.

Bella Pittman, Photo Editor

The return of 3rd year starting quarterback Nate Wieland ’17 brings hope to the Little Hawk offense after his junior year was plagued by injuries. Following his injury, the Northern Illinois commit trained harder than ever for his final high school season.

“Being back, I just feel stronger and faster than I did last year,” Wieland said about his return. “I am more prepared and ready for each game.”

While Nate was injured last year, second string quarterback and first year varsity player Jared Taylor stepped up as a starter for the majority of the season. With a little help from Wieland, Taylor lead the team to an 8-4 season. With Wieland’s return, Taylor’s position has shifted from starting quarterback to tight end.

“Nate helped me out a lot last year because he had lots of experience, since it was my first year [on varsity] as a starter,” Taylor said. “A lot of it was with pre-game preparation that he had gone through his sophomore year.”

Although Wieland is the starting QB over Taylor this year, Taylor still helps Wieland prepare for this season’s games.

“Not only has Jared taught me how to be leader on the team, but he helps me prepare myself and the team for the season,” Wieland said.

The two claim they have similarities when comparing leadership and throwing capability. However, Wieland has earned the starting position through his individual athleticism.

“I think it’s been established that Nate is a better runner than I am. He is more of a dual threat quarterback and I am more of a passing type quarterback. As for our accuracies, I think my short game throws are a little bit better and more consistent than Nate’s,” Taylor said.

Throughout the season, they both stay positive leaders and help guide one another through games and practices.

“I think it’s just give and take. There’s things that I see and he doesn’t and there’s things that he sees that I don’t,” Taylor said. “We just try to help each other the best that we can be and help our team win.”

As for now, Wieland plans to contribute offensively and defensively by playing quarterback and strong safety.

“Offensively I can help rush, pass the ball, and create opportunities for the team to score touchdowns,” Wieland said about being the starting quarterback. “As for defensively, I plan stopping the other team from scoring and getting first downs.”

Taylor and Wieland both agree that there is and always will be work to be done. Now with Taylor’s other position as tight end, he also has to focus on blocking for Nate.

“I block for Nate a lot more as tight end,” Taylor said. “[Playing] tight end is more isolated thinking than quarterback.”

Even if Nate is getting most of the snaps, Taylor still gets some reps at quarterback. To succeed in the future, they both say that they are willing to be put to the test and do what the coach tells them, no matter the position.

“We are just prepared for whatever role we have in each game, if that’s playing quarterback or tight end or whatever it may be but we will play to the best of our ability,” Taylor said on his and Wieland’s future games.