Job Fair Seeks to Help Students Find Their Calling

Landon Clay, Reporter

Kirkwood Community College is hosting a job fair. The fair allows students to shadow jobs they are interested in and may see as a future career.

“We’re hopeful that this will help students start to think about what they want to do after high school,” Mr. Carey said. “This experience will hopefully help make students’ classes feel more relevant.”

Teachers and guidance counselors have been encouraging students to participate.

“It’s a good opportunity for our (10-12 graders) to get out and hear from real-world professionals”, Mr Fraga explained. “It would hopefully spark some interest in future careers.”

This opportunity is the last chance for anyone still wanting to partake in this event for 2016. To enter students fill out an application in the Guidance Office. Applications are due Friday, December 23 by 3:00pm.

Mr. Carey and Mr. Fraga are both guidance counselors here at City High and are both helping lead the job fair.

Students wanting to know more should talk to Mr. Carey or Mr. Fraga in guidance.