Boys Get Dominated by Trojans

City High kept it close for the first quarter trailing 20-16, but scored eleven points after that before finally falling 78-27 to West High.


Jonathan House, Sports Editor

Not many expected the 0-4 Little Hawks to hang with the undefeated and top ranked West High Trojans. The Little Hawks remained in the game for the first quarter, trailing only 20-16.

“I thought we came out pretty well in that first quarter, but after that things went a little down hill,” head coach Derek Roberts said.

The Trojans came out hot in the second quarter, outscoring the Little Hawks 26-2. The Little Hawks were led by Ry Threlkeld-Weigand ’19 with eight points. Both teams played some of their backups for the second half, and the Trojans came away with a 78-27 victory.