P.E. Sports Waivers Not Accepted Next Year

New state policy states unless students in grades 9-11 have academic waivers, they must enroll in Physical Education.


LH Staff

Art by Estie Dillard.

Starting next year, ICCSD high school students grades 9th-11th currently in a sport are now required to register and take P.E. In their most recent session, the State Legislature modified the policy stating that seniors are the only ones allowed sports waivers. Students who have a full schedule are eligible for an academic waiver which will keep them from P.E.

Guidance counselor Linda Hoel has finished registering all her of her students for next year and has overall seen most students adjusting their schedule to avoid taking the class.

“My perception is a lot more kids are taking full schedules and doing an academic waiver, so they don’t take P.E,” Hoel said.

Wrestler and football player Joe Ring ’19, who will be required to take P.E next year, feels the change has little effect on him.

“I’ll just take lifting class, which is what I do anyways with my sports so I see much of a difference,” Ring said.