The Walking Dead Season 7 Review

Orson Codd, Reporter

The Walking Dead first aired on October 31st, 2010. It started off as a really promising show about a sheriff named Rick Grimes fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse. Seven years later, the show has concluded with its newest season…and it was such a big letdown.

Season 6 ended with the main group of characters being held hostage by the newest villain Negan, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, and him killing someone. The show chose to not show the viewers who Negan mysteriously killed. So fans were in for a big surprise when the show returned 6 months later.

When the show started up again in October, it was revealed that Negan had killed…Abraham & Glenn. Nobody expected Negan to kill 2 people, especially Glenn. Evidently, that is the same way Glenn is killed in the comics and he is the only one to be killed. But it was more of a surprise because Abraham was killed first, so fans thought that he was going to be the only one killed in that episode.

Ever since the death of those two beloved characters, the show has taken a turn for the worse because of how the other characters are dealing with Negan and living under his new rules.

Throughout this season, the show has been jumping around because they have introduced us to 3 new groups (the Saviors, the Hilltop and the Kingdom). Fans have not been able to see a consistent timeline of what is actually going on. For example, one episode could focus on the Saviors. It could be a good episode and leave us with a cliffhanger ending…but we won’t get to see how it turns out for another 2 weeks because they rather focus a whole episode on Tara (Yeah, great choice–NOT!!).

Imagine that scenario being repeated over and over again, especially with the Kingdom. They made their first appearance in October’s episode The Well, and we didn’t get to see them again until the mid-season premiere Rock In the Road, which aired in February.

That’s another thing that was done so poorly throughout this season: it felt like characters would just disappear. With there being so many storylines going on, it felt like the characters in the show were just gone when they focused other episodes on completely different characters.

Like Heath (played by Corey Hawkins), for example. Heath is one of the best characters from the comics. He is important in so many story lines. When it was announced that he was going to be in the show, I was so happy!! But since they introduced him, he has just been a waste because they rarely used him in season 6, he had one episode in season 7 and LITERALLY JUST FLED. I honestly don’t know how to describe it, because it is so befuddling.

Granted, we haven’t seen the last of him because they left his fate on a cliffhanger. But it just goes to show that this season didn’t know how to deal with all of the many characters.

Lennie James, who plays Morgan on the show, told digitalspy that he hated filming this season because of how separated everybody was: “You just didn’t see anybody – because we film The Kingdom in a completely different area where they were filming either Alexandria or Hilltop or where the Saviors were…no-one was close to each other.”

One of the things that made The Walking Dead so good the first few seasons was that the group worked together as a cohesive unit. Even one of the actors on the show said that everyone likes working with each other because they all work well together. So when they’re miles away from each other and only communicating through walkie talkies, it just loses its touch.

Now don’t get me wrong, season 7 had some good episodes. They’re trying to expand in order to show viewers that there is a much larger world outside of Rick’s group. The issue is that the executing of it is done poorly.

Hopefully with the ending the show chose, season 8 will be way better and more action-packed…

Granted, that’s what everyone said when season 6 ended.

The Walking Dead returns in October on AMC.