Girls Golf Prepares for the Future

With only two seniors and one junior, the girls golf team looks to prepare for the future.


Lexi Shield ’18 tees off during a meet at Pleasant Valley Golf Course on April 13th.

Jonathan House, Sports Editor

Most days, you can find the City High girls golf team out at Pleasant Valley golf course, practicing for the next meet. This year, the varsity roster is young, with only two seniors and one junior, in addition to four returning sophomores. First year head coach Brittany Aude, who spent the last three years as an assistant coach for the Little Hawks, looks for her young team to progress as the season moves forward.

“My hope is that when we finish the season we look back at the beginning and we see a significant amount of growth,” Aude said.

Aude says that the getting back out on the course after six months off, it can be difficult to judge how the team will perform at later meets, but she is excited to continue to work with the young team, with Alexa Fredericks ‘19, Merryl Green ‘19, Emily Knoche ‘19, and Kaylee Paulsen ‘19 joining the varsity squad this year.

“I can remember last year, like for them to shoot in the 50s was a huge success,” Aude said of the younger players. “They’re steadily getting lower and lower, and I think that’s really exciting, to see that they’re consistently expecting more out of themselves.”

The two leaders on the team so far this year have been Rose Sadewasser ‘17 and Lexi Shield ‘18. In addition, Morgan Galer ‘17, who was on the team a few years ago, made her return to the team this week after transferring back into the district. Aude expects Galer to make an impact this year and be one of the top performers on the team for the second half of the season.

This year, as one of the only two seniors, Sadewasser has been able to have fun while mentoring the younger team, as well as constant improvement.

“Making sure everyone knows the rules and gets used to playing in all day meets is a main goal for us,” Sadewasser said. “We’re mostly just focused on having fun and beating our own personal records.”

The girls still have five meets until regionals on May 22nd, with the next home meet coming up on Thursday, May 11th.