Justice League Film Worries

So far, DC and Warner Brothers have released 3 films in the DCEU: “Man of Steel”, “Batman v Superman”, and “Suicide Squad”. There will be two other films released this year: “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League”.

For those of you who don’t know, the Justice League is the DC version of the Avengers. It is filled with many of the superheroes from the franchise. When it was announced that a Justice League film was being made, people went crazy with excitement because “Justice League” is one of those films that is long overdue.

One thing that is really freaking people out about the film right now is that with the new characters, it could be sloppy. A reason for that response is how all of the “Justice League” characters were dealt with in “Batman v Superman”. They were basically just an add-on because the studio thought that they should include them, even if it made  the plot clumsy and unfocused.

People started worrying because there could be that element of the new characters (Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman) not being developed enough for us to care about them. When we got to see them in “Batman v Superman”, it was only for 30 seconds. DC has not given the characters time to be fleshed out so we can be truly pumped for their reappearance in “Justice League”.

The difference between Marvel and DC is that Marvel set up 85% of the characters in their own solo movies before we had “The Avengers”, where they all teamed up. DC is clearly not doing the solo film idea (with the exception of ‘Wonder Woman’).

The biggest issue with this is that we won’t get the solo films for Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg until after “Justice League” has been out for over a year. Maybe it’s a scheduling problem, but I think that having solo films years after “Justice League” is just flat-out stupid. (Take a look at the release dates for the solo films at the bottom of the article and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

Now, I’m not saying that the film is going to be bad. I actually think it will be great. Say what you want, I thought “Batman v Superman” was pretty good. So I have faith that Zack Snyder will do amazing things with ‘Justice League’.

Release Dates: “Wonder Woman”: June 2, 2017, “Justice League”: November 17, 2017, “Aquaman”: December 21, 2018, “Cyborg”: April 3, 2020, “The Batman”: TBA, “The Flash”: TBA, “Justice League” sequel: TBA