Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Rogers


If there’s a category for teachers who let you reach your full potential, Mr. Rogers falls into that category.

Mr. Rogers teaches City High’s journalism classes and he does a great job at it because he lets the students do their own thing. Granted, he’s there to help us when we need help, but most of the time students can work for themselves.

I’ve had Mr. Rogers for a class each trimester this school year, and after each trimester is over I feel like I have learned something new because of his teaching skills. He rarely makes us use textbooks which is really cool because in this day and age people use technology/social media to learn things. Mr. Rogers really enjoys helping students experiment with that. It’s a really refreshing way to learn new things in the classroom instead of using a book.

I remember when I was in 8th grade, I came to shadow a friend at City so I could get a feel for what the school was like. One of the classes I sat in was one of Mr. Rogers class. I distinctly remember thinking that I wanted to have him as a teacher when I would start my academic year at City. (Granted, my freshman year, my schedule got filled up. So I wasn’t able to).

One of the things that makes Mr. Rogers class so amazing is that the environment is never bland and dull. Each day, we either watch a wacky video, tell some outrageous stories or talk about how dumb famous people can be. If you don’t think that sounds fun…well then you’re just lame.

If you are in need of a class for next year, I highly recommend you think about taking one of Mr. Rogers classes. Plus, it’s really fun to write for The Little Hawk.