The Write Club

Lizzi Ayers, Reporter

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Of all the clubs at City High, Mrs. Borger-Germann’s Friday writing club may be the least-populated. At the last meeting of the 2016-2017 school year, only five students attended. However, that doesn’t keep the members from having a great time.

Olivia Zahner ‘18 and Theo Prineas ‘18 started the club in 2016.

“I started with NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. We met two times a week with Mrs. B in the computer lab and just wrote whatever we were writing.” However, just having a writing club in November was not enough for the writers. “As November was ending, Theo brought up the idea [of starting a club]. So we started meeting Fridays.”

“So far, I have been here once,” Maryam Abuissa ‘20 said. “I write fanfiction and also fiction.”

Zahner works on a novel she’s been writing. “But sometimes I get kind of bored of that, so I’ll look up prompts online and just write short stories from prompts.”

For some of the writers, the Friday club provides a release from everyday worries. “I love how [writing club] can give you time to write,” said Zahner. “No matter what’s going on outside of school or in school, writing club is a strictly designated time to write.”