School District Elections Set to Fill Four Open Seats and Bond

Landon Clay, Reporter

The Iowa City School District elections occur September 12th to fill four seats on the school board. Seven candidates will run in the general election. There is a two-year seat open and three 4-year seats.

Newcomer Charlie Eastham and former candidate Shawn Eyestone are competing for the two-year seat. Competing for the remaining four-year seats are former candidate J.P. Claussen and newcomers Janet Godwin, Ruthina Malone, Laura Westemeyer, and Karen Woltman.

On the ballot voters will also decide the fate of an almost 200 million dollar bond mainly aimed at buildings and school infrastructure.

In order to vote, citizens of the school district had to have registered by September 1st, 2017. Voters can find a list of voting locations here.