New FAM at City

Phoebe Chapnick-Sorokin, News Editor

Many Freshmen struggle with the transition from junior high to high school, so this year the Ambassadors have started a program to help them out. Starting in October, the third Tuesday of every month during advisory, the Ambassadors with host a FAM: Freshman-Ambassador Meeting. Each month, a group of ambassadors will work to plan an engaging activity to help City High freshmen thrive.

The first meeting took place on September 19 in City High’s Opstad Auditorium. The theme of this meeting was “getting involved”.

“When I was a freshman, I knew that I should be getting involved, but I didn’t really know how,” said Beatrice Kearns ‘19, one of the ambassadors planning this month’s meeting. “This would’ve really helped me as a freshman because I was nervous to join clubs and different activities.”

Kearns and a group of ambassadors spent the past few weeks planning a meeting that would be fun for the Freshmen, while teaching them how to get involved. They planned a game of Charades, where the two teams, one of ambassadors and one of Freshmen, acted out different clubs of City High. The winning team, which ended up being the Freshmen, won freeze pops.

The idea for these meetings came from the Ambassador Club advisor, Renee Tonning.

“What we’re hoping is that the new coming freshmen will make a connection with upperclassmen and it will make their transition to high school easier,” she said.

Although it was Tonning’s idea to start this program, she is leaving it up to the ambassadors to keep it going.

Ideas for future meetings came from brainstorming by the Ambassadors. Some future topics are bullying, peer pressure, anxiety and stress, schedules, summer opportunities, and cyberbullying.