The Gardening Club – The School that Seeds

Paula Mompio, Reporter

The gardening club’s slogan is “The School that Seeds”, a play on words of “The School That Leads.” The gardening club believes thinking about the environment is always important, so the club brings students together around sustaining the City High environment.

“[In this club] you can be a hard worker, you can be quiet, you can be good at math, or cooking, but there’s a lot of things that we can do together,” said Jessica Bovey. “It is an inclusive and organic garden, where kids of all abilities can participate easily.”

Bovey believes there are many ways students can gain from the club.

“We use [gardening club] for science, vocational, and also nutrition lessons,” said Bovey. “We grow different products and all goes back into the City High usage for different classrooms.” 

Bovey thinks that it’s an old-fashioned idea for the kids to be gardeners.

“I think it’s very important for kids to understand the process of growing plants from seeds…and what needs to be done to take care of those things,” said Bovey. “A lot of kids don’t grow up gardening anymore.”

Mary Liebig ‘18, the president of the club, is looking to expand the club in the upcoming year.

“This year in gardening club we want to try to start a butterfly garden, and we also want to do some stuff to increase the school’s environmental awareness,” said Liebig, who is excited to be participating in the club for her second year.

“The reason I like putting my time into it is because it’s going to improve the school’s appearance as well as environmental impact,” Liebig ‘18 said.