Involve Club

Involve Club

Alexis DuBrava, Reporter

“You can’t turn on the television or the radio or the computer without seeing advertisements.”

Despite Anna Basile only being a part of our community at City High for a little over a year, she has already started to make her mark. At the end of last year she started a club called Involve. This club that advertises events and meetings for other clubs around City.

“If you missed the announcements, or maybe you saw flyers but you thought, ‘Well, it’s December, that’s probably already going, I can’t join,’ I thought that that could be remedied in terms of a club [that] is good at running itself and pursuing the interests that the club is about,” Basile said. “[And] not necessarily marketing itself or trying to get new people to join [it]. If we could start now thinking about how to sell stuff the right way, without the under belly of advertisement, I think that could be fun and enticing.”

Right now the club is working on outreach so that it can advertise clubs, which is hard if the clubs aren’t aware that Involve exists in the first place. Basile is also looking for students who are interested in the route that the club is headed because many of her core members are very busy and can’t be super ‘involved’ in Involve.

“The easiest way [to join] is to talk to me or we’ll have current members have their heads on a swivel for anyone in another class who seems to have an eye for design,” Basile said. “We’re going to actively try to get kids as representation from all different grades to participate at any level that they want to.”

For students wanting to talk to Ms. Basile about this opportunity, they can stop in room 1303.