City High vs. Bettendorf Regional Semifinal Preview

The Little Hawks Look To Move on to the Regional Final Against the Bettendorf Bulldogs


Dylan Ryfe, Reporter

After winning their first round playoff game 3-0, the City High Women’s Varsity Volleyball team will play their second round playoff game against Bettendorf tonight.

The Little Hawks, currently 16-16, have 1631 successful serves this season, along with 775 kills over 84 sets. Star players such as Mackenzie Murphy ‘19 and Kelsey Law ‘20 have brought a combined 58 aces and 397 kills to the team.

Their opponents, the Bettendorf Bulldogs (27-5), have 1611 successful serves and 830 total kills this season. Players such as Caroline Baer ‘18, Emma Ostrom ‘18, and Jordan Ratigan ‘18 have  contributed to the team’s success.

If the Little Hawks beat Bettendorf, the team will move on to the regional-finals next Monday,  October 30th.