New Nike Singlets for Wrestling Team


Jack Bacon, Reporter

New season, new singlets.

As City High Wrestling prepares for a year that seems full of potential, they will be donning their new black singlets. The singlets feature a double-stripe down the back along with a “flock” of Little Hawk logos. The Nike uniforms also feature a classic “IC” logo on the chest and two red stripes along the shoulders.

“The new singlets are awesome, and they’re important,” John Osterhout, assistant coach, said. “If you look great and feel great, you’ll wrestle great.” 

In recent years the Little Hawks have worn more plain red singlets with fewer design elements, so a black base signals a shift in uniform style for the Little Hawks. The uniforms are meant to be in the style of Nike singlets worn by college teams.

Wrestling fans can watch the Little Hawks christen the uniforms at their first meet of the year on November 30th in Cedar Falls.